Hometown Springsteen shows are special moments. The Times Union Center in Albany is the only venue to be included in every Springsteen tour since the E Street reunion — Reunion, Rising, Magic, Working on a Dream, Wrecking Ball and High Hopes — plus an appearance on the 2005 solo Devils & Dust tour. We have been fortunate.

Here’s a terrific review, with videos, of the show.

It was a night to remember, forever. Here’s a gallery of memories.


Concert shirt, check

Had a few beers at Stout on Broadway and headed over to the show. My sister, niece and her husband were in line for wristbands just ahead.

Team Bassett

Team Bassett

Sister Judy and family

Sister Judy and family


So my sister and family were 160s and I was 222. Here we are in line and before the show.

My sister and her family made it into the pit. We were about 20 people from the cut. I was devastated but knew we would get an awesome spot in the secondary floor section.

We secured a terrific spot with a nice lean on the ramp, center stage. My niece took these incredible photos of the Albany show from the pit area.

We were fortunate to hold Bruce’s legs during “10th Avenue.” During my first Springsteen show, in 1978, I also held Bruce’s leg during an encore. He looked down and remembered me from that Troy show, I’m certain. If anyone has a video of the Albany “10th Avenue” I’d love to see it! The ones on YouTube show Clarence on the screen and don’t show Amanda and I as we clutched his legs. My brother-in-law took a photo of Bruce’s behind.

View from the top

View from the top during 10th Avenue.

We got a copy of the setlist. Would have enjoyed “Dream Baby Dream” but “Thunder Road” took its place.

Albany setlist 2014 High Hopes tour

Albany setlist 2014 High Hopes tour

The next day our sign appeared in a concert photo display on Page 1 of the Schenectady Gazette newspaper.

Schenectady Gazette

Schenectady Gazette

A few weeks later this not-very-flattering photo of us appeared on http://brucespringsteen.net/

Jo Lopez also took photos of me clinging to Bruce’s boot, I hope to someday get one of his interns to find it in the archives. I will make a deal with the devil for that image.

By Jo Lopez

By Jo Lopez

The Daily Mail has my favorite story of the day.  The key is dressing the part.

Pose: Mr Carruthers  pretended to be part of Leonardo DiCaprio's ...

Pose: Mr Carruthers pretended to be part of Leonardo DiCaprio’s …

That day I met Bruce at MetLife Stadium during the Wrecking Ball tour.  And Clarence's cousin.

That day I met Bruce at MetLife Stadium during the Wrecking Ball tour. And Clarence’s cousin.

New Jersey’s biggest Bruce Springsteen fan is ‘incurably in love’ with The Boss

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/trending/New-Jerseys-biggest-Bruce-Springsteen-fan-is-incurably-in-love-with-The-Boss.html#XYTWWFVv7kqG82Xs.99

Rihanna and Bruce

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Bobby Oliver of NJ.com writes: “Add Rihanna to the list of current mainstream stars whose music has drawn influence from Bruce Springsteen.”

Watch the video below. Oliver’s use of the term “everyman patriotism” is intriguing.

Another “wake up America” song and video. Many won’t get it, just like “Born in the U.S.A” and “We Take Care of Our Own.”

Love it.

Take me to church, Bruce

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Bruce and the Bible: Inside the Rutgers course on ‘Springsteen’s Theologies’

Check out this story by Bobby Olivier, music/entertainment reporter published on @njdotcom and in @starledger.


“In ‘Born to Run,’ Bruce Springsteen believes salvation is a real possibility,” Yadin-Israel tells his pupils. “But in ‘Darkness,’ he’s much less sure of that.”

I wonder if this class is available online next semester?

Joyce Bassett:

I sat outside ticketless for the Nassau Coliseum show. Had a chance to sneak in and chickened out. I should have gone for it.

Originally posted on Stay Hard, Stay Hungry, Stay Alive:

The glorious official release of the December 31, 1980 show from the Nassau Coliseum from the Springsteen archives now calls for a re-evaluation of the show’s length and its ranking among the longest-ever Springsteen shows.

That topic is of particular interest here, and was previously explored on this site in June of 2012, when Bruce was playing a remarkable series of shows in Europe, approaching his all-time records and finally, on the last night of the tour in Helsinki, cracking the four-hour mark.

The Nassau show had for years been regarded as the longest-ever (until July 31, 2012), and with the benefit of a complete recording running at proper speed, it can now be properly measured…and perhaps properly ranked.

Obtaining an accurate measurement:
The official recording of the Nassau show runs 3:47:21. Applying principles previously explained here, the measurement of the show starts with Bruce’s first words to…

View original 195 more words

Union support

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What 7.5 years without raises means to Times Union employees. A terrific campaign by my brothers and sisters at the Albany Newspaper Guild.

Check it out.


That Bruce depression

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After a short layoff, I’m back listening to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band live shows. When a tour ends, I have to take a step back. I sometimes get overwhelmingly sad thinking “did I see my last E Street Band concert?” I’ve been to many concerts the past few months — including Ryan Adams, Ray LaMontagne, Bob Seger with J Geils, Southside Johnny and the Jukes. Southside, Seger and J Geils were tremendous concerts. Ryan Adams and Ray LaMontagne: love the music, hate the stage presence. But I would see them both again. To overcome my post-tour Bruce depression, I just downloaded the Aug. 9, 1978 Springsteen show, which was just a few months before my first Springsteen concert: Nov. 12, 1978. So now it’s time to put in ear buds, shovel and feel like I’m 16 again.

I'm second from left in this Jo Lopez photo from Albany.

I’m second from left in this Jo Lopez photo from Albany. Via http://brucespringsteen.net/news/2014/photos-from-the-road-albany-may-13#

A little Human Touch

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My first child was born the day Human Touch and Lucky Town were released. Made for a terrific maternity leave. She graduates from college this weekend. I listened to these CDs over and over and over and watched the OJ trial during my maternity leave. I’m surprised my hormones survived …

This was her birth announcement.



Phone message on my work phone:

“Another reason fans are loyal to their Boss is he donates to all the food banks … He’s helping the people take care of the people. What’s not to love about that?”

Thanks, Cathy, for the thoughts …

On that subject, a group of fans who post on the Backstreets ticket exchange and message board, called BTX, are organizing a pre-show fund-raiser for the food bank. Here is the donation form.

Here is the information:

Time for another Fundraiser and another show!

DATE: May 13th
TIME: 2:00PM until showtime
LOCATION: The Hilton Albany http://www.hiltonalbany.com/

The hotel is located 2 blocks from the Times Union Arena and we have used it the last several tours. It was known as The Hotel Albany last tour and it was a Crowne Plaza before that. The owner may change but the location is the same.

Details :
1) Fundraiser – Donations will be accepted for the Regional Food Bank of Northeast NY. We will have a donation bucket set up at the bar but even better would be if you donate online prior to the show. roadhse ma is working with the folks at the Food Bank to set up a “Bruce Sent Me” link on their site, should be active in a few days. I will update when it is. Please hold off donating until that is set up so we can track the total. Let’s try and top last time, $463 collected! I would like to suggest a donation of $7 per person, $10 for a group of 2 and $15 for a group of 3 or more (just like last time).
Link is active.


Click on the link below and you can select “Bruce Pre-Show Party” from the dropdown section I want my donation to be designated toward:. I just tried it and everything seems to be working.