B Street Band rocks Troy

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They Proved It All Night, I just wish it could have been a longer show as the concert curfew obviously kicked in.

The B Street Band rocked Troy, NY, last night. What a show. I have to say all the hype I’ve heard about these guys is true. They are terrific. The band was rockin’ and the crowd was terrific. Lots of fist pumps at just the right moments.

As I write this, I have their website playing their Bruce tunes in the background. I’d love to see them perform more of the songs I’m listening to on the web. My friends who grew up with Bruce starting in the late ’70s wanted “Candy’s Room” and “Promised Land.” But the show was a nicely crafted collection of Bruce tunes spanning the years. My favorites were “Sandy” and “Rosalita.”

We talked about our first show … just up the hill at RPI Field House … in 1978. My friend said:

“I remember we moved up to the side on the hockey rink boards. Then Clarence jumped down into the crowd. Then Bruce jumped down into the crowd. Then Joyce jumped down … and we followed her.”

Great memories.


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