Video, Grammys and the new band.

Looking forward to Sunday to see Bruce at the Grammys. Tribute to the Big Man?

Here’s the new band. Courtesy of Backstreets.

E Street stage fills up as additional musicians are announced
Here we go… a five-piece horn section is officially on board for the Wrecking Ball tour:

  • Jake Clemons – Saxophone
  • Barry Danielian – Trumpet
  • Clark Gayton – Trombone
  • Eddie Manion – saxophone
  • Curt Ramm – Trumpet

With the exception of Clarence’s nephew Jake, in for Stan Harrison, this is the same line-up that backed Bruce and the ’78-era E Street Band at the Asbury Park Carousel House performance in 2010 (which bodes well for all of us hoping to hear material from The Promise on the new tour).

Jake Clemons has guested with the E Street Band before, but this will be his first tour; the other sax player, Eddie Manion, has played with Bruce in various incarnations for decades. Welcome back, Kingfish! [Watch Ed take on the “Jungleland” solo last summer, above.] Curt Ramm was a featured player at the end of the Working on a Dream tour; he and Clark Gayton also toured with the Sessions Band. Barry Danielian is a relatively new addition to the fold.

Also back for the Wrecking Ball tour, from the Working on a Dream and Sessions Band tours, vocalist extraordinaires  Cindy Mizelle and Curtis King.


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