Preview of Monday’s show: Albany is a lucky town

A link to my Times Union story for Albany Bruce fans

Here is an article I wrote for the Times Union previewing Monday’s “Wrecking Ball” show in Albany. I took a half day vacation on Monday just to be ready. After standing in line 3 hours to see the Pope on Easter, I’m kind of regretting not rolling the dice on GA seats this time. The Pope visit with my study-abroad daughter, who lives in an apartment two blocks from the Vatican, was amazing. For Easter, we had terrific seats with no tickets. But for the church of Bruce I stuck with the lower level, center ice tickets.  I’m only 5 feet tall and if I didn’t get a good lottery number I would be staring at belts and video screens the whole show …

I wrote a complete history of E Street Band shows in the Capital Region as an advance to the 2002 tour. I can’t believe how many shows we’ve been lucky to have here and in nearby Saratoga Springs since the band reunited.

So happy and thankful he enjoys playing for us here!


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