Excerpts from Glory Days: A History of Bruce Springsteen in the Capital Region

In 2002, I wrote a history of Bruce Springsteen’s performances in the Capital Region published in the Times Union, where I’m an editor and page designer. Here is an excerpt about the Union College 1974 show and here is a pdf of the clippings 

Oct. 19, 1974, Memorial Chapel, Union College, Schenectady

Noteworthy: This show — highlighted by unique versions of “Incident on 57th Street” and an 18-minute “New York City Serenade” — featured the violin and background vocals of Suki Lahav, who toured with the E Street Band for a very short period in 1974 and 1975 before moving to Israel. “She’s the One” and “Jungleland” gave a preview of the album “Born to Run,” which wouldn’t be released until September 1975. This “Jungleland” features different lyrics from the eventual “Born to Run” version.

Fans’ notes:

`Without a doubt, my favorite Springsteen show. … It’s like your first kiss.”
— Jim Coburn, Schenectady

“Bruce’s earliest album had just been released. We heard cuts from it on FM-104 and WRPI — the only album rock stations in the area at that time — and I bought the record. When we heard he was going to be at Union College for the tidy sum of $3.50, one of my roommates and I had to go see him. We sat in the balcony, directly over the stage, and looked down into Clarence’s saxophone, and we were in heaven. What a show: The crowd went away deliriously happy and spread the word far and wide that this was going to be the band. … Bring him back for a reunion at the Chapel and let us in for the 30th anniversary special so I can recharge my memory banks and relive my youth!”
— Jerry Haldeman, Scotia

“In 1974, I was a student at Brooklyn College, but my high school girlfriend had gone off to Union College. So it became a regular weekend thing for me to cruise up the Taconic and spend time with her at Union. … I had just barely heard of Springsteen (`Blinded By the Light’ was being played on New York FM radio). I was totally blown away by the show. I started telling all my friends (drove them nuts) about this amazing artist who was destined for major stardom. I started going to every show I could (limited by the fact that I was a college kid, living at home with not much money). I saw about six shows in 1975, including a few of the famous Bottom Line shows, and then many more since then.
— Alan Schlingenbaum, Amherst, Mass.

Set list: “Incident on 57th Street,” “Spirit in the Night,” “Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?,” “The E Street Shuffle,” “Saint in the City,” the Ben E. King classic “Spanish Harlem,” “Lost in the Flood,” “She’s the One,” “Jungleland,” “Kitty’s Back,” “New York City Serenade,” “Rosalita,” “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy),” the Chiffons’s ’63 hit “A Love So Fine.”

Bootleg: “Spanish Harlem” (Piggham Records) and “New York City Serenade”(Wild Card Records) are critically acclaimed recordings.

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