Bruce says: Bring back the River Rats!

Photos by Lori Van Buren

I warmed up for this concert Sunday listening to the Born in the USA album for some strange reason. When I saw on twitter while having a pre-concert beverage on Pearl Street that “Darlington County” was soundchecked, I realized Bruce and I were on the same page.

But I never dreamed he would stay in the 1984 era as a common thread woven throughout a wonderful journey showcasing his new material.

From “Darlington” to “Murder Inc.” to “Downbound Train,” the man reached higher and higher.  My 16th show and it ranks near the top. The b-side “Janey” acoustic gem was amazing. Thanks for the request Molly.

I was moved to tears by the Clarence/Danny tributes even though through the power of YouTube I knew what was coming. A big tough guy in front of me had tears streaming down his face during the “10th Avenue” finale.

The shout out to the now-defunct Albany River Rats hockey team will make me smile forever as a prized bootleg. My 16-year-old kid is a hockey player and the River Rats were a huge part of our youth hockey lives.

(Patti was home with the kids, as she often does during the tours — they have 2 in college and one finishing up high school, which prompted my brother-in-law to say: “This is why he’s still singing, he’s paying for his kids’ college tuitions!” … prompting laughter from those sitting around us.)

Here are this morning’s reviews: Times Union, with terrific photos from my friend Lori;  BackstreetsStan Goldstein for the Star_Ledger; and here’s the

setlist, courtesy of  “Blogness on the Edge of Town”:

Start time: 8:28 p.m.

1. Badlands
2. We Take Care of our Own
3. Wrecking Ball
4. Out in the Street
5. Death to My Hometown
6. My City of Ruins
8. Jack of All Trades
9. Murder Inc.
11. Shackled and Drawn
12. Waiting on a Sunny Day
13. Promised Land
14. Apollo Medley
16. Backstreets
17. The Rising
18. Lonesome Day
19. We Are Alive
20. Land of Hope and Dreams
21. Thunder Road

22. Rocky Ground with Michelle Moore
23. Born to Run
24. Dancing in the Dark
25. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out

End Time: 11:22 p.m.

A note from my friend, Red Bank native Bill Butler, who has been in the church of Bruce since the beginnings:

Back from the Albany BOSS show. Speechless! Just when you think you need to go to NJ, NYC, Philly or Boston to catch a memorable show, Springsteen delivers a classic concert in the Capital District of Albany. He really connected with this crowd and absolutely blew us all away. He does set the standard in today’s rock world but this guy really brings it. The show was an emotional rollercoaster from the rockin’ fun highs to the lows of today’s society issues and dealing with the loss of 2 great friends. Handled masterfully, Bruce celebrated the friendship of Dan and CC. Land of Hope and Dreams summed up the whole night–“get yourself a ticket and climb on board.”
C’mon back Bruce and bring that band with you!


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