Pat Riley a Boss fan

Pat Riley at Fenway Park Springsteen show. Photo courtesy of Stan Goldstein.

Always in search of that Capital Region/Bruce connection, I found one on Stan  Goldstein’s blog (@Stan_Goldstein).

Schenectady native Pat Riley is a Springsteen fan.  Maybe Coach Riley can help us get that long-awaited Union College show. He hasn’t played Union since 1974. He might have to move the show from Nott Memorial to the Messa hockey rink. Or, better yet, the football field.

Stan told me in an email:

(Riley) was standing right behind me at the Tuesday Fenway Park show. He was very nice to everyone around him and is quite the Springsteen fan! He was rocking and rolling all night.


More on the Union College show:

Oct. 19, 1974, Memorial Chapel, Union College, Schenectady

Noteworthy: This show — highlighted by unique versions of “Incident on 57th Street” and an 18-minute “New York City Serenade” — featured the violin and background vocals of Suki Lahav, who toured with the E Street Band for a very short period in 1974 and 1975 before moving to Israel. “She’s the One” and “Jungleland” gave a preview of the album “Born to Run,” which wouldn’t be released until September 1975. This “Jungleland” features different lyrics from the eventual “Born to Run” version.



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