A letter to my concert buddy

Dear Jean: I am writing more letters  to family members and friends and not just relying on electronic communication (thanks for the inspiration Gaslight Anthem and Brian Fallon).

Jean, I felt like writing to you today and since you’re my Springsteen concert buddy, I’ll do it here on my blog. Today is Friday, my day off since I work Sundays. Fridays were our day. When you got sick and couldn’t go to work I was lucky to spend my Fridays with you. Obviously, hanging with you was a real joy and as a bonus it helped me avoid things like grocery shopping, housework, laundry, etc. (You often said housework  can wait until later.)

I thought of you when I went cross country skiing this morning in Kinns Road park. I remember driving to your house, picking you up and bringing you out here so you could check cross country skiing off your very long bucket list. I was so nervous … you had just recovered from breaking your arm playing soccer and I was petrified you would fall. You did, of course, and when I reach the little hill where you fell I always laugh just like we did that day.

You probably keep good tabs on Bruce from where you are, maybe even hanging out with Clarence and Danny. Right now we are anxiously awaiting a tour announcement and so I’m trading texts with Amanda and we’ll get that train rolling again. She subbed in admirably for her mom when you were too sick to go to Hartford with us on  “Wrecking Ball” concert #3. She will continue to do so. My daughter Sarah, who helped me form Team Jean at the Boston University Relay for Life, will most likely join us too, with Mike and John, of course. (Sarah is vice president of BU Relay and also is a regional coordinator for all the New England colleges. Her team and her ideas have helped raised thousands, we are so proud of her.)

Bruce’s new album concludes with a song called “Dream Baby Dream.” It often makes me cry when I listen to it and think of you. (I sing “Dream Baby Jean.”)  It is so YOU! If your kids did a “Jean Bassett Songs of Inspiration Volume 2” this would be centerpiece song. Our concert foursome saw Bruce perform this live during the “Devils and Dust Tour” (July 2005) in Albany. It was the final song of the night and a cover originally performed and written by a punk band called “Suicide.” I never acquired the bootleg but now I’ll be adding that show to my collection.

I know you will be singing “Dream Baby Dream” to John and the kids. I just know it.


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