Calling all Bruce fans!

Albany will mark my 20th Springsteen show. I’ve seen every full-band tour since my first show in 1978 at RPI.

When you go to a Springsteen show, it is common to meet people who have seen Bruce hundreds of times and have hundreds of bootlegs.

I haven’t kept pace and never had the extra cash to travel to shows. But I have this blog and I’ll put my memorabilia up against anyone (see my basement below).  I’m sure there are many, many people out there who, when they hear a song by Bruce, they think of me. That warms my heart in some strange way.

The Times Union in Albany, where I’m a news editor, wants to do a report about Springsteen fans for publication. The story will appear in our Preview magazine on May 8. Your basement doesn’t have to look like mine to participate…

Bruce and the band are back in town on the 13th.  Follow the link in this blog post:


The Bassett basement
My basement when I had the urge to drag everything (well, almost everything) out to photograph it.



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