10 days to rock: Bruce’s 2012 Albany River Rats intro

Good Evening Albany!
We’re so glad to be here tonight.
In the city of the previously-known Albany River Rats
Now the Albany Devils I guess
But the Albany River Rats was a much better name
A much cooler name.
Albany River Rats … that’s a name from a Bruce Springsteen song … like uh “A meeting of the Albany River Rats … at midnight … somewhere… Doing something.”
Change it back!

Anyway, for all you Albany River Rats out there.
The E Street Band has returned!
And we are here tonight with some new faces and some old faces. And we’re looking into some new faces and young faces, and some old faces … you and me. (laughing!)
But our mission remains the same! We are here to bring you the joys and power of music and shoot it straight into your heart.
We are here to send you home with your hands hurtin’, your feet hurtin’, your back achin’, your voice gone … waking up in the morning and saying “What the fuck happened to me?”
Tomorrow … I told you.
But we’re also here tonight to bring you news with a beat, with a beat, with a beat and to tell you a story. A story about what’s goin’ on outside and what’s going on inside, a story of hellos and goodbyes … a story about things that leave us and things that never leave us.
So let’s get started.

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