Albany food pantry fund-raiser

Phone message on my work phone:

“Another reason fans are loyal to their Boss is he donates to all the food banks … He’s helping the people take care of the people. What’s not to love about that?”

Thanks, Cathy, for the thoughts …

On that subject, a group of fans who post on the Backstreets ticket exchange and message board, called BTX, are organizing a pre-show fund-raiser for the food bank. Here is the donation form.

Here is the information:

Time for another Fundraiser and another show!

DATE: May 13th
TIME: 2:00PM until showtime
LOCATION: The Hilton Albany

The hotel is located 2 blocks from the Times Union Arena and we have used it the last several tours. It was known as The Hotel Albany last tour and it was a Crowne Plaza before that. The owner may change but the location is the same.

Details :
1) Fundraiser – Donations will be accepted for the Regional Food Bank of Northeast NY. We will have a donation bucket set up at the bar but even better would be if you donate online prior to the show. roadhse ma is working with the folks at the Food Bank to set up a “Bruce Sent Me” link on their site, should be active in a few days. I will update when it is. Please hold off donating until that is set up so we can track the total. Let’s try and top last time, $463 collected! I would like to suggest a donation of $7 per person, $10 for a group of 2 and $15 for a group of 3 or more (just like last time).
Link is active.


Click on the link below and you can select “Bruce Pre-Show Party” from the dropdown section I want my donation to be designated toward:. I just tried it and everything seems to be working.


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