Seven nights to rock!

Woke up this morning incredibly excited to be setlist watching again tonight in anticipation of seeing Bruce in New Jersey in a week. And what a setlist it has been! Starting the show with “NYC Serenade”!! Wow!! And “Santa Clause!” Thanks to all those putting up videos on Periscope.

Here are my tickets! My kids can’t make it so I have two for sale if anyone wants to go!

Rock on Brucebuds!IMG_5161



  1. Bruce opened with NYC Serenade despite the fact that MetLife Stadium is located in New Jersey. Oh, well. Perhaps this is a concession to the fact that the NFL team playing there is from New York? Regardless of the place where Giants play the game, I preferred getting “NYC Serenade” in NYC at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, June 20, 2000. It is better to experience “midnight in Manhattan” when you are actually there in person. Have a great show tonight, and tell Bruce to save some of his energy for a marathon concert in Chicago at the United Center on Sunday, August 28. No surrender. Paul Haider, Chicago

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