Three days until I meet Bruce Springsteen and I’m working on a dream

My mind is filled with all these crazy thoughts … the hurricane will sweep up the coast and make driving to Boston impossible … my perfectly in-tune Honda (with a license plate cover that says “The Only Boss I Listen To Is Bruce Springsteen”) will break down on the Mass Pike … I’ll fall and bang my head jogging in our wooded park and my dog Bruce won’t go and get help. He will just sit there staring at me.

In three days I’ll be in Cambridge thanks to my daughter Sarah who secured me an Evite ticket to the final stop on his book signing tour. I’ll be writing about this for the Times Union newspaper and doing Facebook Live from the bookstore. I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience just waiting in line, meeting new people and talking to Bruce fans.

I’ve interviewed two people who have been to the book signings. The organizers are wonderful, they say, and ensure everyone enjoys a terrific experience. They collect gifts people bring for him – mostly belated birthday cards and thank you notes. The actual meet with Bruce lasts about 5 seconds.

So today I listened to the wonderful interview by Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air, bought him a gift, started drafting a short letter and continued working on a dream I’ve had for 38 years of my life.

Stay tuned for the grand finale of the best Bruce year of my life!


  1. Hi there Joyce. I can imagine and understand all that crazy thoughts wich are going through your mind. The time I went to the Metlife 3 and flew from the Netherlands to New Jersey. I was afraid to die before. 😳😜 The good news is I MADE IT and living now with an incredible smile on my face when I think back of that incredible once in a lifetime trip. My dream came true. Sometimes life taste very good. And remember, there are some overseas Brucebuds who are very jealous and want to go in your place to the meet HIM!
    Anyway my Bruce news is that I was a visiter of the official Dutch bookrelease in Broese, a bookstore, in Utrecht in the Netherlands. It was a very nice and interresting evening with tallking and bookreading moments by famous Dutch writers, sing- and songwriters, videomoments and a brucequiz. At exactly 0.00 am the 27th of september I was the lucky bird who received the Born to Run book first in hands. It is a pity that there is no picture from that peticular moment. The reason was that I had to catch the last train to Nijmegen. But in my mind it was a nice and special moment to be the first one in The Netherlands who recieved the book.
    Today I had another surprise. The postman brought a me package and guess what was in ……Another Born to Run book. It came from my hairdresser. Ofcourse I told him about my big trip to NewJersey and New York. What a sweety he bought me the book. Positive energy is going on here and that is what I want to send you with this comment.
    So darling ENJOY YOUR MOMENT,!!!!

    Kind regards Ellen Koreman
    After comment:
    Mathew will slow down because The Boss is coming to town.

  2. So excited for you! Have fun! I want you to join me again to share your story. I promise I won’t keep you an hour again!

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