Talk about a dream: My meeting with Bruce Springsteen

Today the Times Union newspaper in Albany, New  York, published “Faith is rewarded,” an essay about my experience meeting Bruce Springsteen at one of the book signings promoting his “Born to Run” autobiography at Harvard Coop in Cambridge. When I came into work for my evening shift after a beautiful fall day away from social media, my email and phone were flooded with messages from old friends and perfect strangers, thanking me for the story. Here is a link to the article. 

Here I am on the third floor of the Harvard Coop just minutes away from meeting Bruce Springsteen. I look calm but I was nervous.

Being in line with hundreds of Bruce fans and sharing my story on Facebook live was a phenomenal experience. It was all I expected it to be after reading reports from Freehold to New York City and from Seattle to Portland and from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Special thanks to Bruce fans Amy Cavanaugh, who I met when she hosted a Springsteen party in the Albany area back in 1999 when the reunion tour kicked off and who has been a terrific Springsteen pal ever since. She drove roundtrip from Florida to Freehold to attend the first signing and also survived Hurricane Matthew. Thanks Amy for answering all my questions! Also thanks to Bruce fan Ann Marie Lussier for the terrific interview and for helping me prep for the event.


Were you at the Cambridge event? If so you might see yourself in this video below:

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